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The Platypus is an unlikely animal, in earlier years believed to be a hoax they have a ducks bill, webbed feet and an otter-like tail and lay eggs like reptiles!  As bizarre as they may seem these monotremes (egg laying mammals) continue to fascinate Australians as they are stealthy and recluse and very rarely seen in the wild.  It is even hard to tell if their numbers are increasing or not as they are notoriously difficult to locate.

Hand drawn and made in Australia you can take comfort in the fact that you are buying from a small business located in the heart of the Australian bush. 

All Bush Kin designs are made from locally grown sustainably sourced native hardwood, no veneers, no imported timbers, 100% Australian.

Brooch - With butterfly pins so easy on/off, can be worn in hats too.

Earrings - Have surgical stainless steel posts and backs so great for people with sensitive ears

Magnet - Super strong magnet to actually hold thing on your fridge!

Hair Clips - Snaps to make it easy to use and perfect for any type of hair

Keyrings - Large ring so it is easy to attach to your keys or school bag/pencil case etc.

Clean with a damp cloth if needed